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Marin Bikes California

Marin Bikes // 265 Bel Marin Keys, Novato, CA 94949 Latitude: 38.070804 Longitude: -122.536518


Marin’s Drop Bar Bike Collection

Marin has four distinct bike families built around drop bars – the Four Corners, Lombard, “Beyond Road” Gestalt and Nicasio models, and the Argenta/Ravenna endurance road models. While the models in each of these families were designed with a specific rider profile in mind, they are all versatile platforms that can be used in a variety of ways. Here’s how they stack up.

Four Corners – Inspired by tires getting wider and riders slapping panniers on their old steel bikes with adventure touring in mind. The name comes from an intersection in Marin County where you can head towards San Francisco, Mt. Tam, Muir Beach or further into the back roads of Northern California. These Columbus Thron (Elite) and 4130 double-butted CrMo steel frames and forks were designed to handle the sense of adventure this intersection inspires, but are also well suited to commuter duty in the city.

The Four Corners Elite spec is inspired by off-pavement adventures; with a wide-range 1x11 speed drivetrain (38t chainring, 10-42t cassette), burly 45mm WTB Riddler tires, both front and rear thru-axles for increased stiffness and strength, and hydraulic disc brakes for the best braking power in the worst conditions. The base Four Corners takes its inspiration from traditional touring bikes, with a Shimano Sora 3x9 drivetrain and smooth-rolling Schwalbe Silento 40c tires.

Key spec attributes: 

• Durable double-butted CrMo frames and CrMo forks designed to handle fully loaded touring 

• Touring-oriented geometry, with tall head tubes for comfort when you are putting in the extra miles, and stability when the bike is loaded up with gear 

• Full complement of rack, fender mounts and triple triple bottle cage mounts 

• Clearance for up to 45mm tires (with fenders) or 29 x 2.0” tires (without fenders) 

• Disc brakes • Wide-range 1x or 2x gearing

Lombard – Lombard Street is a San Francisco Tourist staple. This one block stretch of infamous brickwork claims to be “the most crooked street in the world,” featuring eight hairpin turns on the way down. The Lombard family of bikes were designed to handle this and the other unique roads a commute can throw at you. These nimble Urban drop bar bikes easily accommodate distance commuting, foul weather rides, winter training and light touring, all in one versatile platform.

Both Lombard models utilize the same Series 3 butted aluminum frames, but an upgrade to the Lombard Elite gets you TRP Spyre disc brakes, a road chatter-dampening carbon fiber fork, and 2x10 speed drivetrain. The base Lombard features a trusty Shimano Sora 3.9 drivetrain and traditional aluminum fork.

Key spec attributes: 

• Lightweight, butted Series 3 aluminum frames 

• Urban drop bar geometry for stability and a comfortable position during longer commutes 

• Dual eyelet rack and fender mounts to easily outfit the bike with accessories 

• Clearance for up to 40c tires 

• Mechanical disc brakes provide strong stopping power in inclement weather 

• Wide-range 2x or 3x gearing

Gestalt/Nicasio – Outside Magazine selected the Gestalt Haus as the second best place in the world to have a beer and a brat after a bike ride. It was our love of this Fairfax staple and the adventurous Bay Area riding surrounding it that inspired the Gestalt – the first bike in our Beyond Road category. The Beyond Road ethos is straightforward, it means you don’t have to stick to paved roads, and the Gestalt and Nicasio are designed to let you take the path less traveled. We made these bikes to explore the routes that you might not have thought possible to ride on your traditional drop bar road bike.

The award-winning Gestalt models are built around lightweight butted aluminum frames, wide-range 1x or 2x gearing and powerful disc brakes for confidence when the terrain gets rough. The new Nicasio models, available with both a 2x8 as well as single speed drivetrains, bring steel to our Beyond Road lineup. These models feature CrMo frames and forks, and slightly longer chainstays that allow up to a 40mm wide tire. When designing these bikes it was key for us to increase the versatility of a road bike, while making sure not to sacrifice the liveliness of its on-road performance. We made sure that both the Gestalt and Nicasio live up to these high expectations, whether they are on a busy boulevard or a hidden gravel path.

Key spec attributes, Gestalt: 

• Endurance Series 4 or Series 3 (Gestalt) lightweight aluminum frames 

• Endurance geometry 

• Dual eyelet rack and fender mounts 

• Clearance for up to 35c tires 

• Disc brakes 

• Wide-range 1x or 2x gearing

Key spec attributes, Nicasio: 

• Double butted CrMo frames & CrMo forks w/rack eyelets 

• Endurance geometry 

• Dual eyelet rack and fender mounts, triple bottle mounts 

• Clearance for up to 40c tires 

• Disc brakes 

• Single speed or wide-range 2x gearing

Argenta/Ravenna – While the Argenta and Ravenna models have been a staple in the Marin line up for years, the boom of endurance and Gran Fondo rides inspired us to make these popular endurance road models even better. We took what we learned while developing the Gestalt’s geometry, and redeveloped each of these bikes from the frame-up for 2017. Designed for after work spins as well as long weekend rides, they’re efficient, comfortable and stable over the long haul.

Key spec attributes: 

• Endurance Series 3 lightweight aluminum frames 

• Endurance road geometry 

• Dual eyelet rack and fender mounts 

• Clearance for up to 32c tires 

• Long-reach dual pivot caliper brakes 

• Wide-range 2x drivetrains w/compact chainrings

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