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Marin Bikes California

Marin Bikes // 265 Bel Marin Keys, Novato, CA 94949 Latitude: 38.070804 Longitude: -122.536518

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find my nearest dealer?

You can find your local Marin Bikes Dealer by using our dealer locator.

Do you sell direct? We do not sell direct. If you would like to purchase a Marin bike please visit your local Marin Bikes Dealer.
What size bicycle do I need?

For a general idea checkout our sizing guidelines. There are many factors to choosing the right size bicycle. Arm, torso and leg length plus fitness level and flexibility are very important factors in the sizing process. For this reason, visiting your local dealer to fit you to a bicycle and provide test rides to ensure comfort and safety is the best way to get you on the proper size bike.

I broke my Derailleur Hanger, where can I purchase a replacement?

Replacement derailleur hangers can be purchased through your local Marin Bikes Dealer or you can visit Have your bike's Serial number and model name handy when contacting a dealer for your replacement part. This will help them order the correct part for you. Your serial number can be found underneath the frame around the Bottom Bracket(area of frame where the cranks are attached to the bike). A Replacement Hanger chart can be found on our Resouces Page.

Can you send me a catalog?

We do send catalogs within the US, but to preserve our natural resources we recommend utilizing our website to find information on our bikes or dropping by one of our Marin authorized dealers to pick one up.

Do you sell frame-sets?

We have a very limited selection of frame-sets for sale. Please contact your local Marin Bikes Dealer for pricing and availability.

How do I find the weight of your bicycles?

We do not publish bike weights as they often do not reflect accurate comparisons with other brands. Companies will vary on how they weigh their bikes. Criteria such as frame size and inclusion of pedals make big differences on weight values. Please send weight request to us through our Contact Form with the model, size and year of the bicycle and we can provide an accurate weight for you.

Can you repaint my Marin bicycle?

We do not repaint bicycles or offer custom paint jobs at this time.

I have a warranty problem or technical issue with my bike, what should I do? Please take your complete bicycle and proof of purchase to your local Marin Bikes dealer and have the shop contact us to solve your issue. Please note you are responsible for any labor performed and the cost of return shipping any parts/bicycle back to Marin. A proof of purchase is mandatory to validate the warranty.
How do I get sponsorship from Marin Bikes? For sponsorship inquiries please email resumes to In your message please include: Racing discipline (example: Road, Downhill, etc), Age, Category and location. Be sure to include if you have any relationships with a local Marin dealer and your plans on the coming season. Also include what forms of outreach or promotion you utilize for your current racing program (coaching, volunteering, Facebook, Twitter, any forms of video feed, etc)
Do you have touch up paint for your bicycles?

Due to the environmental impacts of producing and storing extra paint we have ceased to carry touch up containers. If you have a bike in need of some paint repair the best solution is to visit your local car repair or hobby store. Both of these resources have large assortments of paint and paint pens perfect for filling nicks and scratches. They also carry gloss and matte clear coats to match your frame finish.

Still have a Marin Bikes question?

For general inquiries, please fill out our Contact Form.

What is the warranty on my Marin bike?

Your Marin bike has a warranty that is specific to the type of bike. Hardtail frames have a lifetime warranty, while suspension and carbon frames have a five year warranty. Bicycle components have a one year warranty. Suspension forks and rear shock warranties are offered by the manufacturer. To learn more go to our warranty statement.

Is there a weight limit for your bikes?

We do not currently specify weight limits for our bike models. Riding style, riding conditions, and many other factors can be equally important as the weight of the rider. Marin recommends that you have your bike inspected regularly by a qualified professional bike mechanic to ensure its integrity.

How do I determine the size of my bike?

Bicycles are generally measured vertically from the center of the bottom bracket (cylindrical tube that your cranks attached to) up to the top of the seat tube. For more information, check out our geometry page here (link).

How can I tell if a specific new part will be compatible with my Marin?

Bicycles use many different sizes and standards of components. It’s important that you purchase, and install parts that are correct for your frame. Understand the correct fit for parts requires significant knowledge and experience, and it is not possible to compress that into a web site FAQ answer. We strongly suggest that you consult a qualified mechanic or sales person at your local bike store, to ensure you get the right part.

Can you send warranty items for my Marin directly to me?

In order to ensure your bike is restored to its proper functioning condition, we will only send warranty replacement items to a local dealer or professional bike shop.

I bought a Marin bicycle from a friend, is my bike still covered by a warranty?

Sorry, but no. The warranty is only available to the original purchaser of the Marin bike.

Can I register my bike online?

Yes, just go to our bike registration page.

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