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Marin Bikes California

Marin Bikes // 265 Bel Marin Keys, Novato, CA 94949 Latitude: 38.070804 Longitude: -122.536518

Drop Bar Steel ››

Born from the same ethos as the Gestalt series, the new Nicasio is designed to take you Beyond Road. These endurance models let you take any path you’d like, whether it is on the asphalt or up a gravel road with a secret view. The CrMo steel frame and fork features clearance for tires up to 40c, while fender eyelets and powerful mechanical road-specific disc brakes make any terrain and weather manageable. Explore the areas you’ve previously seen as not suited to drop bars, with the speed and confidence necessary to take you Beyond Roads.

Mountain Steel ››

Die Pine-Mountain-Serie von Marin geht auf die klassischen Stahl-Trailbikes aus den frühen 90ern zurück. Die heutigen Modelle bauen auf 27,5+ Rädern und der modernen Trailgeometrie auf.

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