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Marin Bikes California

Marin Bikes // 265 Bel Marin Keys, Novato, CA 94949 Latitude: 38.070804 Longitude: -122.536518

Emily Brooklyn Stevenson

“Bicycles make people, cities and the environment better, what’s not to love about that? The joy of riding is something that never gets old.” - Mike Weiss of Big Shark Bicycle Company

Emily Brooklyn Stevenson

“Everesting” is quickly becoming a recognizable verb in the folds of the cycling community. But what is it? Sure, it can be assumed that it has to do with the 8,848m - 29,029 feet - of Everest’s impressive elevation, and it does, but there are particular rules involved. The ride...

Emily Brooklyn Stevenson

We are honored that Germany's World of Mountain Bikes recognized our Rift Zone 9 and Attack Trail C-XT 9 models in their round up of the

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