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Enduro Season Kick Off with Marin Athlete Amy Morrison

Last weekend Marin Enduro Team riders competed at the brutal, yet fun, invite-only TDS Enduro. Amy Morrison and Janea Perry finished 3rd and 4th respectively, with Cory Sullivan grabbing the fifth spot. Three top-five finishes by our racers marked a great start to the season for the team. As the Enduro season kicks off we catch up with our Marin Enduro Team athlete, Amy Morrison.

How has the off season been? Did California's wet winter cramp your style?
My off season was filled with some riding, but with the rain I did a lot of snow skiing and training at the Crossfit gym. I am hoping that with a lighter off season riding, I will not feel a burn out on the bike at the end of the season like I had last year. I also have been getting some time in on my dirt bike which has been a blast!! I live in Auburn, CA which is a great spot for training in the winter. This winter I think socal was the only spot in California you could really get the miles in unless you came inside on the trainer.

People find riding at different ages, you're no newbie to the sport, but you have had a lot of success in a short time on the mountain bike. What's it like going into the season with another year of riding under your belt?
I have been riding for about 4.5 years now. It is crazy how the time has gone by so quickly, but I have been fortunate to have a lot of success in the sport and I think that has made it fly by. I love competing and I have done multiple sports, growing to a serious level. I think it’s just in my nature to push myself and I am a well rounded athlete.

I am really excited for the season this year for a number of reasons. I am stoked to be riding with Marin bikes again and have many of the same sponsors and teammates as last year (Evan and Cory). Janea is our new fourth teammate this year and I think she really fits well with us and she going to be pushing me all year. I am branching out of what I normally have raced in the past (CES) and going to bigger events (NAET, EWS, BME). Lastly, I am leaving my career of pharmaceutical sales to spend sometime just traveling and enjoying racing and riding!

I think my success last year on the bike really gave me confidence that I can compete in higher level. This sport of enduro mountain biking can be so humbling though, you think you have it down and then you race a new venue or have a bad stage and it can really throw you. I love that there are so many different aspects you can train— strength, cardio, sprinting, pump track skills, downhill skills, terrain specific skills etc. — to get better. There is always something to improve. 

You are fresh off the TDS Enduro, a race with cult status in this area, how was it this year?
TDS Enduro is hands down my favorite race of the year. It is so much more than racing bikes. It's a mountain bike community coming together to share a sport that we love. The trails include sections that are fast and flowy to rocky and off camber, to having doubles, tables and road gaps. It is invite only and I am sure there are great people out there who would love to be there, but don’t get the invite, but every year new people get in and add to the solid crew that has been coming year after year. The crowd is cheering and heckling on EVERY stage (14 this year) and more volunteers than you could imagine gladly give there time to help the race happen. The organizers, Ron and Debbie Sanchez, are like my second parents out here. I am sure that also makes the race really special to me, but if you ask anyone who attends this race, I guarantee it is one of their favorites, as well. 

I placed 3rd this year which I am happy about, but also a bit gutted. The girls in front and behind me are all talented riders and fought hard for 14 stages. We all had mishaps on the bike I am sure, but I took a crash and had a mechanical that I just couldn’t make up the time for in the other stages. The crashing and mechanicals are a part of racing, but it bums me out because I really want a TDS title, but I will have to wait until next year for another chance!

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