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Fairfax SC1 Named Best Hybrid by The

The Sweethome, a New York Times Publication, just selected our Fairfax SC1 as this years "Best Hybrid Bike." The Speed Commute model beat out the competition across a field of 50 other competitors. Our Fairfax family of bikes hits the sweet spot, harnessing the speed of a road bike, with the upright comfort and reliability of a commuter bike. Be sure to check these bikes out here, and read below for what The Sweethome crew has to say about our $489 Fairfax SC1...

If you’re looking for a bike to use on your daily commute, for your weekend exercise, or maybe even an occasional group ride, a performance or fitness hybrid is probably the right choice for you. We spent about 30 hours sifting through nearly 50 possible options, test-rode more than a dozen bikes that seemed promising, and came to the conclusion that the Marin Fairfax SC1 is the best fitness hybrid for most people. It provides a stable, comfortable ride on city streets, yet it’s light and agile, and includes enough extras to make it an excellent value for its price.

Priced at $489, our top pick, the Marin Fairfax SC1, ticks all the boxes on our hybrid-bike checklist: durable-enough Shimano components, a steel fork that’s forgiving on potholes and rough city streets, rack and fender mounts, and grippy, Kevlar-reinforced tires that should help deter flats. Plus, it earns extra credit for its internal shifter-cable routing, hill-friendly low-gearing (this is the only bike we tested that uses this setup), and an exceptionally well-designed aluminum frame that provides more agile handling and zippier acceleration than the competition. What the SC1 doesn’t come with—although most of its more-expensive siblings in the Fairfax line do—is disc brakes, but that’s an upgrade that we believe is unnecessary for most riders.

-Christine Ryan

See the full article here.

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