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Eco Policies

We don't simply coast, feeling that we have "green equity" just because we make bicycles, an inherently environmentally-friendly form of transportation. Rather we do our part to go above-and-beyond to ensure that we have the best possible places to live and ride, while minimizing the impact that is inherent in manufacturing and marketing our lineup of bikes.

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Marin Green Bear

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Carbon-Free Media Production

All Global Marin ambassador athletes have committed to creating carbon-free media. This involves carbon offsets, powered by I-cair, to eliminate the footprint generated while shooting photos and videos. EDIT ME

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Carbon Offsets

When travel is necessary, Marin employees utilize airline carbon offset programs NEED MORE TEXT

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Bicycle Durability

Marin Bikes are designed to provide long-lasting enjoyment, and we regularly receive emails from riders who are still actively using their 30+ year old Marin Bikes. Most frames and components are made of fully recyclable materials.

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Recyclable Packaging

We ship our bikes to minimize waste and maximize the number of bikes shipped per container for efficiency. We also ensure that our bikes are well protected in transit, because having to replace a damaged frame uses more resources, materials and shipping. We are also working on an initiative to further reduce the amount of plastics used. Packaging for our new parts and accessories line utilizes fully recyclable cardboard instead of plastic bags, which are more commonly used in the cycling industry.

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Reuse of packaging materials

Marin's offices reuse shipping cartons and packaging material such as padding and zip ties to help keep useable items out of the waste stream. Order small parts or apparel from us, and the items may not arrive in virgin packaging.

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Fuel efficient vehicles

Marin’s vehicle fleet is comprised of modern, fuel-efficient vehicles, and we run errands via bike when feasible.

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Commuter Credits

Marin team members who get to the office via pedal power, public transportation, or carpooling receive commuter credits that they can use towards Marin bikes, accessories, or as cash.

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Ethical Sourcing

Our modern factory has been independently verified and vetted by third parties, and is a safe workplace that pays competitive local wages and upholds human and labor rights.

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