Alpine Trail 7 First Ride Review, via

This is the first of an expected flurry of Alpine Trail news to hit over the next few days, and it's launching the new model with a bang:

"The normal protocol on a media ride is to hand out the highest tier machine, which has the lightest, most refined components and best suspension. In reality, the bike than most people will buy will be the lower-level clunky tank. In this case, we took the lower level Alpine Trail 7, and I wouldn't change a thing. Tires are often where money is saved on lower priced bikes, yet the rarely seen 2.6" Vee tire combo had sturdy casings, soft rubber and a good tread pattern. I didn't feel like I was losing anything important. Only nicer clicky sounds from the rear hub, a crisp gear shifter, and maybe a slightly smoother dropper post with seamless actuation. The Alpine 7's performance is focused where it matters - for shredding down the kind of alpine trails it was made for. We'll have one for a full review later this year."

Read the full review here

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