B-17 3 Review from HaveFunBiking.com

HaveFunBiking.com is a website focused on cycling in Minnesota and Wisconsin, but the founder came out to Boulder City and rode a few of our bikes at Outdoor Demo. Here's his summary on the B-17 3:

"I was amazed how well the bike handled! To start, it had a near telepathic handling character. Simply think about changing direction and the bike did it. Following that, I was amazed at how well the B17’s suspension operated. Even when thrown down rocky chutes, or off camber, jagged turns, the B17’s suspension soaked up anything I threw at it. Even more, when it was time to turn the bike uphill, the suspension resisted bobbing and transferred my pedaling effort to the rear wheel while still allowing the rear wheel to find traction."

See the full review here.

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