Bobcat Trail 5, one of's 10 Affordable Mountain Bikes included the Marin Bobcat Trail 5 in its list of 10 affordable mountain bikes. They reported, "The Bobcat is another bike that uses different wheel sizes depending on the frame size a rider selects. The extra-small to small frames get 27.5″ wheels, medium can take either size, and large through extra, extra large frames are fitted with 29er wheels. Geometry shifts a bit between frame sizes, and of course wheel sizes, but all configurations keep the bike well within the bounds of a modern trail bomber.

Whether you are looking for an aggressive XC whip, or a solid trail bike, the Trail 5 looks designed for all forms of fun."

Marin's Bobcat Trail has the widest size range on the list, from extra small to extra, extra large. Read the full article here:

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