Rift Zone 3 Preview, via off-road.cc

Our friends in the UK recently dropped off an '18 Rift Zone 3 with off-road.cc, here's their first impression:

"We've got two totally different bikes in for test this week, first up is this Marin Rift Zone 3. On the hunt for ideal UK trail bikes we looked to Marin to see what they might be able to supply. For £2,300 the Rift Zone 3 could well be the answer to your 120mm 29er prayers. This bike will be available to buy from December but we've got one in super early to ride and review. We are looking forward to putting some big miles in on the Rift Zone, the basic geometry looks pretty pleasing (420mm seat tube, 441mm reach, 1156mm wheelbase a 74.8 degree seat angle and a 67.5 degree head angle on a medium), will it leave us satisfied or wanting more?"

Read the whole article here.

Sie befinden sich aktuell auf der deutschen Webseite von Marin Bikes
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