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More Wolf Ridge accolades, this time from Germany. 

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Simple and at the same time complicated - that's how you could describe the kinematics of the Marin Wolf Ridge Pro at first glance. We tested how it works on the trail.

Marin Wolf Ridge Pro 

About 45 years ago, the mountain bike on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California, saw the light of day. At that time it only took a madman on an old Schwinn cruiser and of course a mountain. More was not necessary. Since then, many years have gone by and sport has developed in many different directions. So many that it is sometimes absurd to see what different subdivisions there are today. In principle, new MTB interested people would first have to attend a course to find the right discipline for them, and already infected people often disagree on which drawer they are actually moving.

A return to the essentials seems to be the right thing sometimes. Back to the beginning, when a bike was to be used for everything contrary to the trend towards third wheel.

First impression

The beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and so the Internet exploded once again as the first photos of the bike appeared on the net. Whatever the personal taste of making out Marin Wolf Ridge among 100 same-colored bikes, it would not be too long. The shape of the bike is very distinctive and impresses in particular by the shape of the rear end and the shock.

In person, it looks very noble and super refined, it raises, fall to the nearly 14kg, which brings the bike including pedals on the scales. The finish of the full carbon frame alternates between matt black and shiny red. The equipment is qualitatively on a very high level. SRAM X01 Eagle group and Guide Ultimate brakes, suspension elements by Fox, KS LEV SIO seatpost with 150mm travel (120mm in frame size S), Deity carbon cockpit and e * thirteen TRS carbon wheelset should make you happy, are on a bike this price range but also standard.

Marin Wolf Ridge Pro uses a rear suspension system which comes from the company Naild and is currently only found at Marin and Polygon. To explain the Naild R3ACT 2 Play suspension system in detail and with all the basics, it would take a bit more than just the basics of engineering. Therefore we shorten this topic, leave it to the mechanical engineering forum and dedicate ourselves to the essential - how does the bike go uphill and downhill?

On the Trail

The tuned by Fox damper works without much damping and a sag value of 35 percent is not a fault in the system, but desired. The damper settings are set before the first ride on the driver's weight and immediately afterwards forgotten forever, at least that promises the manufacturer. And that's how it's going to go up the mountain, like a cross country bike?

Already with the first pedal turns you notice that the bike with the 29 inch wheels and its 160 mm front and rear climbs very well. And after a few kilometers of climb, it's clear that the Marin Wolf Ridge manages the elevations faster than with wheels of the same suspension and category. Stones, roots and other bumps are practically absorbed by the rear triangle and you have the feeling that the rear wheel would roll on a paved road. Traction is available in every situation and it costs us less effort to climb slopes. Changing the damper settings is completely unnecessary. When rolling over stones and roots you have a little feeling that the wheel gives you a little push forward. The rear end works so well that almost an imbalance between the front and rear sets. The fork can not really keep up with this performance and desirable would be a fork with equal performance to the rear end. 

It rides quite agile, can be swung back and forth and is quite smooth in fast segments, despite the relatively steep 66.5 degree head tube angle. The bike winds very little in fast corners. With the slow rolling of very high and steep edges, one could fear that the downtube contacts the trail, as it ends quite far in front of the bottom bracket. However, this supposed problem did not happen to us. Should it ever happen, the frame protector protects the bike from damage.

Our test conclusion to the Marin Wolf Ridge Pro

With the Wolf Ridge, Marin and Naild have been trying to squaring the circle, and we think they've succeeded in many ways. The climbing performance is really amazing and in downhill it is also very competent. All of this succeeds without making any adjustments to the shock between the disciplines. The technique on which the Wolf Ridge is based seems to be complicated, but riding a bike is the opposite. It basically stands for a return to old values: think less, adjust, lament and talk, just ride more!

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