Marintroducing: John Oldale

Marintroducing Marin's International Marketing Manager, John Oldale.

  • Name: John Oldale
  • Follow John Oldale:
  • Location: Wiltshire, UK
  • Riding with Marin since: 2018
John Oldale sat on floor fixing a bike

How would you describe yourself to a visitor from another planet?

A cake eating, 2 wheel-loving 6’4” behemoth.

What’s your background in cycling?

I started out doing the racing thing but it turned out I was pretty rubbish at that and preferred just riding my bike. After university, my love of just riding evolved into a string of seasons in Whistler and the French Alps, culminating in what would be a 6 month trip to NZ.

Immediately after getting to NZ, I realised I wanted to be there long term, and I started to get some more serious jobs starting out as a suspension tech and then getting a product manager role, which was a massive and enjoyable learning curve.

During that time I realised it was very much the marketing side of things I preferred and I started going down that route which has ultimately ended me up here at Marin.

How did you get involved with Marin?

In 2015 I was working at Fox racing which was amazing, but I wanted to get back into the physical bike side of things.

I knew some of the people heading up the new chapter of Marin and wanted to be a part of it, so blagged myself a spot on the team.

John Oldale riding Marin bike on rocks

What do you do at Marin?

I'm the less bald half of the marketing team.

I essentially look after our international marketing and ambassadors, but Chris Holmes (the bald half of the marketing team) and I work side by side as a team to get everything done together.

With support from the rest of the company we cover everything from event prep to product launches and everything in between.

What's the best thing about your job?

It might sound cliché, but it has to be the people. Working with people that are also your mates may have a few challenges, but ultimately it’s always positive spending the day with people you would even if you weren’t at work.

John Oldale riding mountain bike in rooty gully

What was the best day at Marin you’ve had so far?

After an event in Moab, we sat down for a product development meeting. After about 5 minutes, big boss Matt V stood up and said, “screw this let's go ride”.

He immediately booked a shuttle to the top of Porcupine Rim, we rode to the bottom had a burger and beer after which he said. “Now we can go have a product meeting”.

What inspires you to do your job at Marin?

Getting people stoked on our brand and bikes.

It sounds cheesy, but there is nothing better than seeing someone come back from a ride on one of our bikes with a massive smile on their face.

John Oldale riding Top of the World Trail Whistler

What bikes do you own and which is your go-to bike?

I've got a Nicasio Ridge, a Nicasio set up for commuting, an Alpine Trail E2, an El Roy and a custom BTR Klunker.

At the moment it has got to be the Alpine Trail E2 that sees the most action.

Describe your riding style with a movie title

Four weddings and a Funeral. In other words an emotional roller coaster!

John Oldale using Kids Ride Shotgun Towrope

Favorite post-ride meal and beverage?

Mexican anything and a very hazy IPA.

Tell us something unusual about yourself that people might not know?

I once ended up presenting a holeshot award at an MXGP as someone thought I was Danny Hart!

John Oldale pointing at his helmet

What’s on your desk?

I've got a Tom Ritchey nodding head figurine, a water bottle, a coffee mug and a very messy notebook.

What was the last book or magazine that you read?

America Before by Graham Hancock.

John Oldale Manual in a Bike Park

What have you learned from your time at Marin that you’d share with the world?

That Californian IPAs are leading the charge in tasty beer.

If you could put an announcement on a billboard for every cyclist to see - what would it say?

Be Kind!

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