Why Marin Bikes Is Made For Fun

'Made For Fun'. 3 simple words that we live and breath by. But is it just corporate jargon? Let's find out why Marin is made for you know what!


Look at many of our bikes and you'll find those 3 words printed somewhere on the frame 'Made For Fun'.

Sometimes it's subtle, sometimes it's big-and-bold. It's on our social media posts, it's on our website (no really, it's pretty much the first thing you see) we should probably even print it in big letters on our HQ in Petaluma, Cali.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 2 2

Back in the day, Marin went by the tagline "Better By Bike" and for years that worked just fine. After all, it is better by bike right?

But after a while, we wanted to tell our story with a little more feeling and really home in on what it is that drives everything that we do. We knew we needed some new words to define what we do and how we do it.

Many brands might hit this point and hire in a flashy marketing agency, set up some audience focus groups or spend big bucks on data and market research. The sort of brands that might come up with something like "FREE YOUR ADVENTURE", "BE MORE EPIC" or "LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS" on their bikes.

... But screw that, we're not one of those brands.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 1 2

So, we ditched the think tanks and got the Marin team together around a table of beers, a pad of paper and the instruction that no idea was too big, small or stupid. And man, did we come up with some stupid ones!

It's at this point we should introduce Mike. Mike is our graphics guy and the force of crazy, inspired genius that came up with all of those wild, colorful designs that make us look like us.

If you can see a thing with 'Marin' written on it, chances are he probably sketched it, pitched it, developed it and brought it to life. Bikes, websites, logos, stickers, tees, beer mugs, you name it. They all got the Mike treatment. High five, Mike.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 3

Roll back the clock to 2016 and the Marin you see today was being born. We were still ‘Better By Bike’ but we'd started to give our business a new look, a new feel and a new range of bikes. The Marin Hawk Hill led the way - a simple, affordable and super capable full suspension that put the feel of a top-end mountain bike in reach of anyone.

Mike being the mischievous guy that he is, designed a simple graphic onto the bike, hidden away on the seat-stay as a secret 'Easter egg' for owners to find. Yep, you guessed it, it said: "Made For Fun".

Big bars, short stem, confidence boosting suspension, 1X drive train. It wasn't made for racing or winning medals or beating anyone. It was simply made to be heaps of fun. The first seed was planted. Another high five for Mike.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 5

Jump back to our table of beers a few years later and we just couldn't get Mike's Easter egg out of our heads. Everything we do at Marin is about getting people out there on two wheels and having a blast on the roads, the tracks and the trails. We’re making those bikes… for fun.

Sure our bikes are high-tech and high-spec but it's all about the experience and all about that end result of a rider ripping a turn and smiling from ear to ear.

The Eureka! moment came and it just seemed perfect.

"Wait a minute…” someone proclaimed,

“Why don't we actually just go with 'Made For Fun'?!”.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun

Made For Fun, what does that actually mean?

Simply put, everything we do should be about having fun.

Everything should be about that end result of getting a person on a bike, with a smile on their face, wherever they are, whoever they are, whatever they choose to ride.

For our bikes, that's all in the design. We were the first mainstream bike brand to put a dropper post on a gravel bike, donchaknow? We were also super quick to build a flat bar gravel bike and an early adopter of suspension forks on gravel bikes.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 2 3

That OG Hawk Hill tore up the Marin rule book and put good times and an achievable price point way ahead of race-winning, high-performance tech.

Our most racey bike, the Team Marin, is even designed to be a go-anywhere, shred-anything all-rounder that's as at home on your local XC race as it is simply carving turns on a solo chill lap.

Fast can be fun, racing can be fun, winning can be fun but here at Marin, we'd rather give you the option to do what you like, whatever you think ‘fun’ looks like.

We make our bikes easy to ride, nimble, playful and exciting. They're proudly not designed to be all-out speed machines that require years of experience to ride fast. They're fun, they're fast, and they're exciting from the get-go, whether you're a wet-behind-the-ears newbie or a seasoned veteran.

Just stomp on the pedals and away you go.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 1 3

But it's not just the bikes.

We try to make those words a rule to live by. We have a "no ass holes and no egos" rule for our staff and try to keep fun at the heart of all things. Sure, some days are harder than others and we take our business seriously, but 'Made For Fun' is a reminder that tough times are always rewarded with good times on two wheels.

When it came time to introduce our global bike shop network to this year's bikes we could have sent them a Powerpoint, a dealer catalogue or hosted a Zoom call. Instead, we invited them to join us for a week in the French Alps to ride the bikes, meet our team and learn what those simple 3 words meant for themselves.

Hopefully, we inspired them to go away and put them at the heart of their businesses too.

Marin Bikes Made For Fun 8

Made For Fun.

It's more than just a tagline for us. Sure, it's written on our website, on our bikes and on our marketing stuff but for all of us here at Marin, it's more than that. It's our reason for being.

It's a simple, BS-free reminder of why we are how we are and a guiding star for how we should go walk and talk for the future.

Plain and simple, we're all about having fun.

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