Ash Cotterell

  • Name: Ash Cotterell
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  • Location: UK

Meet Ash

  • Who is Ash Cotterell? I started out racing motocross at the age of 4 and raced my whole life. I got into BMX when I was around 13 and got pretty addicted to that. 10 years ago I brought an old hard tail mountain bike so I could train on that for the motocross. I rode that around my local trail centre for about 3 years until one day I found some ‘off piste’ trails and jumps. This opened my eyes to how good mountain bikes was! I brought my first full suspension about 7 years ago and it took over my life. I was hooked. I love the freedom you get with mountain bikes and there’s no better feeling than going out with a good crew and ripping trails with them all day long!! 🙌🏼
  • Must have MTB accessory for a ride? Melon Optics Kingpin glasses
  • What would be your desert island luxury item? Marin Alpine Trail and a shovel
  • What size Marin bike frame do you ride? Large
  • What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever been given? Keep it pinned!
  • How did you get sponsored/get into Marin? Through Instagram
  • Favourite place to ride? Pleney singles any day!
  • Favourite event you've been part of? Morzine rip offs
  • What inspires you to ride? Nothings compares to riding. The adrenaline from learning something new or hitting something that far on the edge, you barely get away with it and good times with good people.
  • What's your go to food & beverage after you ride? Can of coke or whatever is lying around in the van
  • Which emojis describe your riding 🤘🌊🔊