Tom Whant

  • Name: Tom Whant
  • Age: 33
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  • Location: Wiltshire, England

Meet Tom

  • Who is Tom Whant? An overgrown kid pretending to be a 31 year old self employed contractor. Realistically (and I think everyone knows it) I'd rather be on my bike or away in the van camping with good company.
  • Must have MTB accessory for a ride? A sandwich and some jelly babies, maybe a multi tool is useful i guess...
  • What would be your desert island luxury item? A boat and then I'm outta there! Unless the idea is I'm stranded for good then it would unlimited Marmite toast, man's no camel.
  • What size Marin bike frame do you ride? Large
  • What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever been given? Focus on what's fun, but remember to get out of your comfort zone also.
  • How did you get sponsored/get into Marin? Be yourself, do what you enjoy, talk to people and understand its a two way street. I raced for a local shop that ultimately linked me to Marin and I'm still stoked about that after a few years onboard now!
  • Favourite place to ride? Hmm, that's a tough one. South wales and all its glory has too much to offer, Pleney, tweed valley and sometimes just the local trails you've rode a million and one times allows you to open it up in a different way.
  • Favourite event you've been part of? For UK events would say Transcend, and Naughty Northumbrian are stand out. EWS at Olargues was stand out, mazing trails there!
  • What inspires you to ride? Has always been watching edits from riders like Bryn Atkinson or Connor Fearon absolutely dominate corners. That's the most fun on a bike for me, give me some good turns any day!
  • What's your go to food & beverage after you ride? Pizza and a beer never hurts but honestly usually a water or coke and some salty crisps.
  • With emojis describe your riding 🐌🥵✊