Lotta Weinmann

  • Name: Lotta Weinmann
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  • Location: Forchheim, Germany

Meet Lotta

  • Who is Lotta Weinmann? I'm Lotta Weinmann, 16 years old and come from Forchheim in Upper Franconia / Germany.
  • Whant would be your desert island luxury item? A bike, good music and something exciting to read.
  • What size Marin bike frame do you ride? Large
  • What's the best piece of advice you've ever been given? Have fun, feel good on your bike and with what you do, push yourself and set yourself goals.
  • How did you get sponsored/get into the Marin Family? At the Dirtmastersfestival in Winterberg 2019, I was with my dad in an enduro competition. Back then I won the U13 class for girls. Together with the pros from Marin Germany (Tom Pfeifer and Valentin Egger) I then rocked through the bike park for two days, was completely enthusiastic about the bike and didn't want to give it up anymore. Afterwards, Joern von Marin asked me if I could imagine competing with Marin bikes in the future. I was completely surprised, my dad knew nothing about it and was completely surprised when he still saw me on Marin Mount Vision 8 on the last day of the Dirtmasters Festival. He panicked because all brands / companies had already packed up their presentation stands and I was still sitting on the test bike. Oh, and if she continues like this, we'll see her soon at EWS. ”After these few words, my dad was completely speechless and I was really happy. In August 2019 we went to Marin Bikes Germany and Joern gave me my competition mount vision. I have now been with Marin for 3 years, meanwhile on the Marin Alpine Trail XR in Enduro and Downhill, have only positive results and experiences with the Marin Bikes, am one of the 5 fastest Enduro and Downhill Elite Women in Germany and can now do the first in 2022 go to an EWS run as U19 women!…und so fing alles an!
  • Favourite place to ride? Kranjska Gora in Slovenia and Petzen (Black Hole EWS) in Carinthia Austria.
  • Favourite event you have been part of? Very, very difficult question, but related to the 2021 season the German Enduro Championship in Treuchlingen, where I won the U17 and U19 with over 40 seconds and was 5th in the Elite Women and the downhill race at the Crankworx Innsbruck, my first downhill race ever which I finished 3rd in the U17 Women.
  • What inspires you to ride? I am inspired by the places, people and experiences that I get to know. I'm inspired by the feeling and flow on the trail when I ride a good bike and that it feels like it's part of me. I am inspired by the past moments when I had fun on the bike, rode a special trail, overcame a difficulty or had a special experience with the bike.
  • What's your go to food & beverage after a ride? Afterwards, I prefer to have chilli con carne (without heat) or Kaaspressknödel vegetable soup (a Bavarian specialty, a dumpling made from cheese and white bread / rolls with twins, seared in a soup with vegetable strips) and to drink I love Hollerwasser (mountain water with elderberry syrup) .