The Marin Alpine Trail E Is The Best Value eMTB EVER

Did someone say new Alpine Trail E? Hell yeah - and we've just created an all-new, best-value eMTB that we know you're going to love.

Marin Alpine Trail E Hero Image with copy

All New Marin Alpine Trail E, Y'all

Y’all know about the Marin Alpine Trail E, right?

It’s our take on the ultimate enduro eMTB.

We took all of our experience of designing grin-inducing, singletrack-shredding human-powered mountain bikes and used it to create a hard-charging, ass-kicking, fun-fizzing eMountain Bike.

We packed in 150mm rear travel, our much-loved Multrac suspension system, mullet wheels and the awesome Shimano drive system for an eBike that you all seem to absolutely love.

While the Marin Alpine Trail E isn’t new, 2023 sees a whole heap of exciting new updates to our ultimate eBike that just make it even better.

Before we get stuck in, let’s get the newcomers up to speed...

Rider on hillside on Marin Alpine Trail E

So, like, what is an ebike?

An eBike is like a conventional bike but with an added motor and a battery to give you a boost.

You still have to pedal like a ‘normal’ bike but the motor adds some extra energy to each pedal stroke, meaning you can ride further, harder and faster with less effort.

eBikes typically have a motor, a battery and a control unit mounted on the handlebars. The control unit allows you to vary the level of assistance offered, from the just-a-little-bit of ‘Eco’ mode to the full-gas, climb-chomping surge of ‘Boost’ mode.

There’s no throttle like a motorbike or anything like that, it all feels super natural and very close to riding your usual, pedal bike.

If you’d like to learn more about eBikes, you can check out the Marin Bikes Complete Guide to eBikes and eMountain Bikes here.

Marin Alpine Trail E in autumn leaves

And Back to the Alpine Trail E...

So what’s new?

For 2023 we’ve given the Alpine Trail E a boost, keeping everything we love about our big-dog eBike and adding a few surprises.

Perhaps the most exciting update is (drum roll please) the all-new, brand-new, entry-level Alpine Trail E ‘base’ model. We love making bikes for all budgets and we really love making the very best bikes we can, for the very least money possible.

The Alpine Trail E puts big-hitting eMTB performance in the hands of more modest budgets, meaning more people can enjoy the ride.

Rider on Marin Alpine Trail E in mountains

A Dollar Shy of Four And A Half

We’re proud to have created a super fun, super value eBike for a dollar shy of four and a half thousand bucks.

OK, sure, we know that’s still a chunk of change but eBike tech doesn’t come cheap and for the cash we’ve created one of the very best value eMountain Bikes on the planet.

So what does that get you? Our new Alpine Trail E comes with the same frame, geometry and suspension platform as the top-of-the-line Alpine Trail E, just with a few tweaked components and a more value-focussed drive unit to bring the price tag way down.

3 images showing Shimano EP6 components

All New Shimano EP6 Tech Goodness

The heart of the Alpine Trail E is the new Shimano EP6 drive unit that offers super reliable performance, bags of customization and a natural, refined pedal assist with low drag and low noise. It’s a brand new system for Shimano, introduced in 2023, and is set to be the benchmark for big-value eMTB tech.

The entry-level Alpine Trail E comes with a carefully selected kit list that we’ve poured over to create a bike that’s killer value and that we’re still stoked to ride. We’ve saved you cash wherever we can, without compromising reliability or performance.

We’ve picked an X-Fusion Trace RC fork, an X-Fusion 02 PRO RXC rear shock, hard-knocking Marin double-wall rims, Vee Tire Co tires, Shimano 10-speed shifting and powerful Shimano 4-piston brakes with 203mm rotors.

Rider on Marin Alpine Trail E riding berm

Anything And Everything You Can Throw At It

Just looking at the numbers of the Alpine Trail E should tell what it's all about.

150mm of rear travel, mullet wheels (27.5” rear, 29” front) and a beautifully balanced set of geometry numbers mean this bike is ready to take on the best, or worst, you can throw at it.

Big mountain adventures, downhill trails, bike parks, enduro racing or simply a rip around your local forest or trail network.

They’re all well within the Alpine Trail E’s wheelhouse and, thanks to eBike tech, now more easily accessible to all, regardless of your pedal power.

And whichever Alpine Trail E you choose, top-spec or entry-level, those numbers never change. You’ll always get the same frame, geometry and wheel setup throughout the whole range.

And if you do find the limits of your Alpine's components, everything is upgradeable so you can easily start with the 'base' model and work your way up.

Marin Alpine Trail E in Autumn Leaves

Meet The Family

But there's more to the Alpine Trail E family than just our best-value eMTB option.

Alongside our entry-level Alpine Trail E, there are two more options. With each upgrade you'll see upgraded components and some changes to the drive unit tech, providing even more fun, reliability and performance on the trails.

Introducing the Marin Alpine Trail E family.

Marin Alpine Trail E studio image

Marin Alpine Trail E

The Marin Alpine Trail E puts the fun and freedom of eMTB at a super-friendly price, because why should only the richest of riders get the good times?

We’ve created a big-mountain-capable eMTB that’s probably the best value eBike on the planet and packed in the awesome Shimano EP6 drive unit, X-Fusion suspension, 10-speed Shimano drivetrain, Vee tires, plenty of kick-ass Marin components and a long-lasting internal 504Wh battery.

Rounding out all this goodness are powerful 4-piston Shimano brakes with 203mm rotors.

Marin Alpine Trail E1

The Marin Alpine Trail E1 sits squarely in the middle of the Alpine Trail family, packing performance and value in equal measure.

Go E1 and you’ll get an upgrade to a 630Wh battery, X-Fusion Trace 36RC / RockShox Super Deluxe Coil R suspension and a long-lasting, tough and reliable Shimano 11-speed Deore drivetrain.

Marin Alpine Trail E1 studio image
Marin Alpine Trail E2 studio image

Marin Alpine Trail E2

The Marin Alpine Trail E2 is our top-end Alpine Trail, ready to tame the roughest and toughest of trails.

For the best of the bunch, we’ve packed in the big-dog Shimano STEPs EP801 system and a long-lasting 630Wh battery, Fox 38/Float DHX2 Performance Elite suspension and a blend of Shimano XT and SLX 12-speed, including powerful 4-piston brakes.

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