Excellent Reviews on The All-New Mount Vision

A number of great reviews have been flowing in since we released the Mount Vision on Monday, March 4th. 

Vital MTB said, "Our next two laps showcased the lively feel of the R3ACT-2 Play as the bike hopped down the trail with minimal rider input; this was the feeling Marin had been promising. Encountering much steeper faces and unrelenting trail brutality, the Mount Vision kept smiling and encouraging creative line choices along the way." Read their full review here

Enduro Magazine stated, "If you love a bike that feels urgent and playful under power, with a potent descending manner, the Mount Vision should be high on your list for a test ride." Read their article here

Wideopen Mag described, "Throwing the bike around feels very easy, a symptom of the bike’s geometry. Short, sharp, sprinty climbs are a breeze and in the saddle it’s easy to keep the front wheel down whilst maintaining grip on the rear wheel. There’s no vast movements fore and aft required to maintain the bike’s balance. That’s a good thing in my book." Read their full ride experience here.  

MTB Magazine wrote, "For a 150mm travel trail bike Marin seems to have got the balance just right though. The longer offset fork feels great with the frame proportions and fatter 2.6in tyres, while the bike pedals and pumps like nothing else we’ve riding. Yes, there are plusher and more playful trail bikes on the market, but few cover ground as efficiently as the Marin Mount Vision." Read their full impression here

Loam Wolf eloquently summed up their experience by saying, "If you’re looking for ground tracing traction and un-matched small bump performance that will effortlessly soak up big hits and landings, the Mount Vision is insane. Not just a one trick pony, this bike also climbs exceptionally well. Whether in or out of the saddle, a stable pedal platform supports you while the suspension still soaks up every bump." Read their full article here

Bike Magazine explained, "In the truest sense of the word we so love to use, it is a hover bike. And hover bikes have the unique ability to allow you to ignore what’s happening between you and the ground. All of that technology disappears, and you’re thinking about your line, not your bike." Read their full review here

Bike Radar explained, "Despite the calm ride, it’s possible to ride the bike with aggression and speed and if you want to schralp, cutty or slash your way down the trail it’s entirely possible. That’s the beauty of a neutral bike, you can ride it exactly how you want to." Read their article here

IMB Magazine reported, "The Mount Vision is clearly a playful and exuberant bike, but I have a suspicion it’s probably even more capable than it lets on. It’s definitely a good pedaller, and if it can hold its own in the really steep terrain then we’re looking at a truly versatile and unique bike". Read their full write up here

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