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Timo Pritzel
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Berlin, Germany
Years Riding
34 years of riding knobby tires!
Freeride, Dirt Jump, and Enduro.
Which Marin bikes are in your quiver?

Alcatraz and Wolf Ridge!

What personal touches are on your bikes?

Love my Tune Bike parts!

What are your pre-ride rituals?

Pack good healthy snacks, you don’t want to be around me when I am hungry and don’t have good food with me ;)

How long have you been riding with Marin?

I am the new kid on the block!

What's your favorite place to ride?

Technical BMX dirt jump spots in Berlin & Mellowpark. Massa Vecchia, Tuscany with my Wolf Ridge. But it can also just be a normal “cross county “ riding or enduro in my local Berliner Forrest.... I love just being in the nature for hours without phone & wifi.

Three things we don’t know about you?

I am a good cook, I am also a yoga teacher in my offseason, and I like my lunch time naps :)


Marin Bikes, Sram-Rock Shox-Avid-Truvativ, Schwalbe, TSG, Tune, SQ Lab, DMR Pedals.

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