Veronique Sandler

  • Name: Veronique Sandler
  • Age: 28
  • Follow Veronique Sandler:
  • Location: Bristol, UK

Meet Veronique

  • Nicknames Vero, Ronnie, V
  • Hometown Originally from Nelson, NZ.
  • Why biking? Because theres nothing that gets me more stoked, and nothing I spend more time thinking about.
  • What’s your first biking memory? Going to watch a New Zealand DH nationals when I was a kid and having a ride round on one of the pro's bikes. I remember thinking it was the sickest sport I'd ever watched.. I've been stuck to a bike ever since!
  • What’s your favorite trail? Blue to black at Black Mountains cycle centre!
  • What’s your favorite post ride meal? Love cooking up a big bowl of tomato and basil pasta after a day on the bike.. lots of parmesan on top obviously!
  • What’s your ideal day off? Waking up to a sunny day and cooking my favourite breakfast (scrambled eggs on toast with avocado and tomatoes) and then heading to any of the one million amazing riding spots in South Wales and sessioning jumps and tricks and turns all day long with a good crew of mates!
  • What are your other passions? I also love drawing, rock climbing, playing music and hiking adventures.

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