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Marin Bikes California

Marin Bikes // 265 Bel Marin Keys, Novato, CA 94949 Latitude: 38.070804 Longitude: -122.536518

Mountain Bikes ››

Hit the trail hard and fast or explore the back of beyond with confidence. These machines are incredibly tough and built to conquer rugged heights, whether it’s breathless battles against the clock, cross-country adventures, or mad descents. Just choose your weapon. Are flowy singletrack and all-terrain rambling more your style? They’ll take you there and back with a big smile on your face. Now get out there and get dirty. It’s good for the soul.

Drop Bar Bikes ››

Marin’s drop bar collection consists of far more than just the venerable road bike and encompasses a wide variety of models. The Gestalt and new Nicasio series are designed, from saddle to tires, to take you Beyond Road. The Lombard models are known as the bikes with many talents, while the Four Corners Utilitour bikes will get you far off the grid. Finally, for the traditionalists, our Endurance road Argenta/Ravenna models fit the bill for long, fun days in the saddle.

Pavement Bikes ››

Our philosophy? Follow your own path—on and off the bike. And the world rarely seems so wide open as when you’re riding. But it’s not just mountain trails and lonesome highways that call you. There’s also plenty of fun to be had in the park and on the street, in the heart of the city and around the suburbs. Here you’ll find bikes for cruising, commuting, exploring, and trekking.

Women’s Bikes ››

Designed around your physique, our women’s bikes are precision-tuned to the way you move. Women’s Fit Geometry (WFG) models take into account the musculoskeletal differences between men and women, aligning with the unique build of the female cyclist to optimize rider placement and reach between the saddle and handlebar. Depending on the bike, this is accomplished with custom geometry, wheel and tire size, and specialty components, including women’s saddles, compact handlebars, and stems that accommodate shorter average torso lengths. All this adds up to better control and comfort, so you can sync with your bike and enjoy the ride.

Kids Bikes ››

Everybody remembers their first bike: the joy of learning to ride, discovering the freedom it brings, and going off on two-wheeled adventures. Inspire a lifelong passion for cycling—and all those health and fitness benefits—with our youth bikes, whether you’re starting a kid out or setting them up for the next level. Lightweight and fun, these bicycles are built to the same exacting standards as our adult lines but are thoughtfully designed for the proportions of younger riders.

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