Organizations We Support

Here at Marin, our passion goes beyond simple manufacturing. We are advocates for organizations that create and maintain mountain trails and bike lanes and who help to make streets more welcoming to people on two wheels.

Marin riders on the trails above Pacifica, California.



The International Mountain Bike Association advocates for trails, public land and policies that welcome bikes. They build sustainable trails and bike facilities to make mountain biking more accessible.

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Since 1999, PeopleForBikes has created a prominent place for bikes in transportation, mobility and recreation decisions at all levels of government. They ensure bikes are prioritized and positioned as a real solution to improve Americans’ health, connect communities, boost local and state economies, strengthen our nation and protect our planet.

They accomplish this by being proactive and planning for the future, adopting a broad and inclusive vision for government affairs and making it convenient for leaders at all levels to take advantage of opportunities and legislation that prioritize bikes.

Together, they work with federal, state and local officials to make biking better for everyone.

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Trips For Kids

Trips For Kids is a national nonprofit with a vast network of local chapters providing your development programs throughout North America.

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Bay Area

NorCal League

Builds strong body, mind, character, and community through the inclusive sport of high school cycling. Core Values: Fun, Inclusivity, Equity, Respect, and Community.

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Friends of Trione-Annadel

Friends of Trione-Annadel is the nonprofit dedicated to protecting the health of our local state park, Trione-Annadel. Through donations from the community, the organization supports the maintenance and development of its trails, structures, and open-spaces, ensuring a healthy environment for wildlife and continued accessibility for the public.

Marin staffers can frequently be found riding the beloved trails, either for recreation or for R&D, testing out new frame designs as well as components.

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Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition

The Sonoma County Bike Coalition is a non-profit that works to make Sonoma County a great place to ride a bike through advocacy and education.

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