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Marintroducing Denise Amos, Marin Bikes Credit Manager.

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Lovingly Restoring Retro Marins with the MarinMan

Based in North Wales, TheMarinMan (also known as Mike) is lovingly restoring retro Marins from the very early days of our brand's history. We asked Mike to down tools for a minute to tell us all about his passion for Palisades and buzz for Bobcats!

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Faces of Marin

MTB Product Manager Matt Cipes

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Marin's Essential Accessories for Riding Off Road in the Winter

Winter is the season to hide indoors, right? Wrong! Time for some tip tops to keep you shredding on through winter on your mountain bike or gravel bike.

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Marin's Essential Accessories for Winter Commuting By Bike

It's that time of year again! Here are our top tips for commuting by bike through the fall, winter and into the spring.

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Why We Love Steel Bikes Here at Marin... And What Those Series 1,2 and 3 numbers mean!

We've been making steel bikes for 35 years and have no plans to stop any time soon. Here's why we love steel here at Marin and what our Series 1, 2 and 3 frames are all about.

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eBikes, What's The Deal?

Ever wondered what eBikes are and what they do? Here's the Marin Bikes guide to everything you need to know about electric bikes!

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Introducing the Marin Bikes Donky Jr Kids Range

Born in Japan, made for kids everywhere, it's the Marin Bikes Donky Jr Range!

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Budget friendly all-rounder with some muscle!

The Loam Wolf's take on the Alpine Trail XR.

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Screw You Trash - Marin Bikes Tidy Trails is Here!

Marin is waging war on trash and calling on riders to join the Tidy Trails community.

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