2021 Bottom Bracket Recall

Marin Mountain Bikes, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and Health Canada, is issuing a voluntary recall of the certain model year 2021 bicycles.

The reason for the recall is that the bottom bracket can break during use, causing the rider to lose control, posing fall and crash hazards to the user.

Affected 2021 model year bikes:

  • Bayview Trail 24"
  • Fairfax 1
  • Fairfax 2
  • Hidden Canyon 20"
  • Kentfield 2
  • Kentfield 2 ST
  • Larkspur 1
  • Muirwoods RC
  • Presidio 3
  • San Anselmo DS1
  • San Anselmo DS2
  • San Rafael DS1
  • San Rafael DS2
  • San Quentin 1
  • San Quentin 24"
  • Terra Linda 1
  • Terra Linda 2
  • Wildcat Trail 1
  • Wildcat Trail 3

Consumers should immediately stop riding your bicycle and contact your Marin dealer for a free bottom bracket replacement, including parts and labor.

Please note that only a limited number of bikes were assembled with a bottom bracket that needs to be replaced, so not all models will be affected. Use the CHECK A SERIAL NUMBER function found here to confirm if the bike was assembled with a bottom bracket that needs to be replaced.

Marin has received reports of nine bottom bracket failures in the US.

Customers outside of North America with these recalled models should contact the Marin distributor or local retailer in their country.

Click here to download full supporting document details.

Click here for the CPSC's recall page.

Click here for the Health Canada recall page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have one of the bikes that is mentioned in this recall, is it affected by this recall?

A: Only some of the production of the 2021 model year bike models listed are defective. Go to www.marinbikes.com/bikes/recalls-safety and follow the links to the “2021 Marin Bottom Bracket Recall.” You can enter your bike’s serial number to see if your bike is affected.

Q: How do I find out my bike’s serial number?

A: If you still have your original sales receipt, the serial number is often noted there. If not, it can be found stamped into your frame. If unsure where to find it, read below, or go to a bike sales or service shop. You can also see the location on our web site by going to www.marinbikes.com/bikes/recalls-safety.

Q: Where is the serial number on my bike?

A: Most Marin bike models have the serial number stamped into the frame directly underneath the bottom bracket. Some are stamped into the rear of the seat tube (the one your seat post goes into) at the bottom, near the cranks. The bottom bracket is the bearings and axle that the two crank arms attach to. If you still aren’t sure, go to a bike shop, or take a look at the Marin recall poster which shows the location of the serial number at www.marinbikes.com/bikes/recalls-safety.

Q: What does my serial number look like?

A: The serial number for these bikes is a 9-digit number stamped into the aluminum frame. It may start with a number or a letter. If you are using our online tool to see if you are affected, please enter all 9 digits. The tool can be accessed through our web site. You can also see the location of the serial number on our web site by going to www.marinbikes.com/bikes/recalls-safety.

Q: Is it OK to keep riding my bike for now?

A: To be safe, please use our online tool to check if your specific bike is affected. If not, then you may keep riding. If your bike is affected, we strongly recommend that you not ride it until we can get it repaired. Your safety is paramount.

Q: My bike is affected by this recall, what do I do?

A: First, please stop riding until this issue is fixed. Next, you can either register your bike for the recall on our website (www.marinbikes.com/bikes/recalls-safety), or take it to your local Marin dealer or any bike shop if there is no Marin dealer near you. Marin will replace the defective part for free.

Q: Where do I go to get this recall issue fixed?

A: If your bike is affected, please go to the shop where you bought it, if possible. If not, any Marin dealer near you. If there are none, please go to any local bicycle dealer or service shop, and inform them to contact Marin. We will provide a replacement of the defective part at no charge to you and reimburse the shop for any labor charge for installation of the new bottom bracket.

Q: What is a “bottom bracket?”

A: The bottom bracket is a set of bearings and an axle that both crank arms are attached to. Crank arms are what the pedals are attached to.

Q: What happens if this part fails?

A: One of the crank arms will separate from the bike, which could cause you to lose control or crash.

Q: Can I repair this myself?

A: No. you must take it to a bicycle dealer or service shop. Special tools and training are needed to replace this part.

Q. I already paid to have my bottom bracket replaced a few months ago. Can I get a credit?

A: If your bike is one of the affected serial numbers, Marin will credit you. Please contact us at [email protected] with receipts or other proof of the repair.

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