Das Alpine Trail ist unsere Interpretation des ultimativen Enduro eMTB und kombiniert Shimano-Antriebseinheiten, 160/150mm Federweg, Mullet-Räder und unsere beliebte MultiTrac-Federplattform. Egal wo oder was du fährst, das Alpine Trail E wird es immer wieder meistern, immer wieder und immer wieder.


Alpine Trail E2 Bosch frame detail.


Alpine Trail E models are built upon our Series 4 aluminum frames, with detailed forgings, highly manipulated tubes, and full internal cable routing, giving the rider the highest-end alloy frame that Marin offers, compatible with modern coil or air shocks.

Alpine Trail E2 Bosch MultiTrac 2 LT suspension detail.


Marin developed the all-new Series 4 aluminum frame in conjunction with the new human-powered Alpine Trail models and notable new features shared between the platforms. Firstly, travel has been increased by 10mm at both ends, now standing at 170mm (f) and 160mm (r), which is also an increase of 10mm beyond the current Shimano-equipped models. MultiTrac 2 LT (“Long Travel,” 150mm+), with rear pivots relocated from the seatstays to chainstays, makes its eMTB debut and delivers the suspension performance and tunability demanded of the longer travel. With MultiTrac 2 LT, the benefits of relocating the rear pivot points from the seatstay to the chainstay become apparent, as it reduces anti-rise, allowing for better chassis control while braking, more mid-stroke support, and better feel at bottom out. Furthermore, relocation of the pivots provides the added benefit of allowing for adjustable chainstay lengths and bottom bracket heights. Ultimately, it’s a better-riding, better-performing suspension system made possible by the new pivot placement.

The Shimano-equipped Alpine Trail E features the same great, proven MultiTrac suspension technology, but optimized for the Shimano STEPS system. With this combination there is no need for platform or lockout levers, just get on and blast up the hills. 160mm front/150mm rear travel.

Marin Alpine Trail E2 chainstay flip chip.


Adjustable geometry features are new to the Alpine Trail E Bosch models—integrated chainstay flip chips and an adjustable headset yield six possible configurations to suit a variety of trails best.

Flip chips are easy to reconfigure trailside and are quickly changed using a 6mm hex wrench. They require no additional parts and incorporate laser-etched graphics that indicate the position of the chips. Furthermore, the flip chips located at the seatstay pivots alter the bottom bracket height and chainstay length (low BB/long CS setting = 347/443mm, high BB/short CS setting = 352/435mm) so that riders can perfectly dial their bike in to match the terrain they are looking to conquer.

Finally, using our proprietary headset cups and inserts, the headtube angle can be adjusted to +0.75° or -0.75° from the standard 63° position, giving the rider three options to best suit their preferences.

Alpine Trail E2 Bosch rear 3/4.


29” front and 27.5”+ rear wheel sizes are the ideal combination for the Alpine Trail E, with larger front wheel easily rolling over most any trail obstacle and offering the best cornering traction, while the burly 27.5” x 2.8” rear setup adds playfulness and enhances acceleration and braking traction.

Marin Alpine Trail E Bosch downtube guard.


Shimano models: A stout and durable rubber guard protects the chainstay, while a durable and replaceable guard on the leading edge of the drive unit keeps the internals safe from whatever the rider is likely to kick up on the trail. CushCore inserts enhance tire performance and traction while also protecting the rims on the Alpine Trail E2 and E1 models.

Bosch models: Chainstays and seatstays are protected with durable rubber guards that minimize noise and protect paint finishes. Made from a 30% fiberglass-infused nylon, similar to what is used on safety and football helmets, the moto-inspired integrated downtube guard helps deflect errant rocks, logs, or anything else riders may encounter on the trail. This guard also includes drain ports to let moisture flow from the frame. Cable ports are of an all-new design and keep the frame innards sealed. These ports use rubber membranes punctured during initial assembly and seal around the housing or hose once inserted. Out at the wheels, CushCore inserts enhance tire performance and traction while also protecting the rims on both models.

Detail image of Shimano STEPs battery on Alpine Trail E mountain bike


Die Alpine Trail E-Modelle werden auf unseren Serie-4-Aluminiumrahmen aufgebaut, die mit präzisen Detailarbeiten, sorgfältig verarbeiteten Rohren und einer vollständig internen Kabelführung ausgestattet sind. Dies bietet dem Fahrer den hochwertigsten Aluminiumrahmen, den Marin im Angebot hat. Der Rahmen ist zudem kompatibel mit modernen Coil- oder Luftdämpfern.

Detail shot of Alpine Trail E2 rear shock


Das Alpine Trail E verfügt über dieselbe großartige, bewährte MultiTrac-Federungstechnologie, die jedoch für das Shimano STEPS-System optimiert wurde. Mit dieser Kombination sind keine Plattform- oder Sperrhebel erforderlich. Einfach aufsteigen und die Hügel hochdüsen.

Profile image of Alpine Trail E


Die Kombination aus einem 29-Zoll-Vorderrad und einem 27,5-Zoll-Plus-Hinterrad ist die ideale Wahl für das Alpine Trail E. Das größere Vorderrad rollt mühelos über die meisten Hindernisse auf dem Trail und bietet die beste Traktion in Kurven, während das robuste 27,5-Zoll x 2,8-Zoll-Hinterrad für Spielfreude sorgt und Beschleunigung sowie Brems-Traktion verbessert.

Detail image of dropper post on Alpine Trail E


Für den modernen Trailfahrer ist es entscheidend, den Sattel bei Bedarf schnell senken zu können, während Rahmen mit niedriger Überstandshöhe längere Sattelstützen benötigen. Das Alpine Trail E berücksichtigt dies mit kürzer gestalteten Sattelrohren und reduzierten Mindesteinschubtiefen. So wird sichergestellt, dass Fahrer jeder Körpergröße die passende Sattelhöhe mühelos einstellen können.


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