Bine Herzog

  • Name: Bine Herzog
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  • Location: Munich, Germany

Meet Bine

  • Who is Bine Herzog? I'm Bine from Munich. My life revolves around biking, whether dirt, downhill, enduro, freeride or BMX. It has been my ambition since the beginning to unite people who have the same passion and are looking for a contact point. My motto is "Shred Together" Goal: have fun every day.
  • Must have MTB accessories for a ride? My space brace and my purple Pit Viper goggles
  • What would your luxury item be on a desert island? My Van Pablo as it contains everything I need. ;-) (bikes, bed etc.)
  • What bike frame sizes do you ride? Small
  • What's the best advice on biking you've ever received? Simply peel off or roll over. hahahaha It took me a year to finally find out what the guys meant by that because no one could really explain it ;-)
  • How did you get sponsored/ get into marin? Heard about a very good friend and best mechanic Hef dem Hart am Rad in Germering
  • Favorite place to ride a bike? Puhh go several places ;-) Serfaus, Schladming, Livigno, Chatel and Rednecktrails
  • Favorite event you attended? My own girls shred events, of course, because I was always amazed at how many great and brave girls there are in the community. I've made a lot of great friends through it.
  • What inspires you to cycle? All the pro girls in the freeride scene inspire me. It's always amazing how badly the girls drive.
  • What's your go to food and drink after your ride? Of course pasta with pesto ;-) I rarely drink alcohol, but I like to drink alcohol-free shandies every now and then.