The Marin Rift Zone E is a Ride-All-Day eMTB with Trail Bike DNA

Marin Rift Zone E Title Image

Feel the Rifty Love! Brand new to the Marin family, the Marin Rift Zone E is a go-anywhere, ride-all-day eMTB with trail bike DNA.

We took everything we know from our award-winning Rift Zone and made Rifty Love electric. Further, faster and even more fun. MTB with a boost.

The Marin Rift Zone E takes our less-is-more trail bike ethos and creates a confidence-boosting, pedal-assisted platform that’ll suit any terrain. That means a little less travel, a little less 'longer, lower, slacker' but absolutely no less fun.

A perfectly optimized 140mm of travel means snappy handling, heaps of agile and responsive feel and a bike that’s easy to manhandle. Shimano STEPS takes care of the power, creating effortless, all-day fun with tough and reliable tech and batteries big enough for epic adventures.

Just enough trail-taming squish to be mountains of fun, without turning your favorite gnar butter-smooth.

Marin Rift Zone E in hills

MTB With a Boost

The heart of the new Rifty is the Shimano Steps drive unit (AKA the motor) and battery. These wonders of pushbike tech work in harmony to give you that added eBike shove up, along and down the trails.

The new Marin Rift Zone E family is made up of three models, the budget-friendly Rift Zone E, the mid-tier Rift Zone E1 and the bells-and-whistles Rift Zone E2.

The base-spec Rift Zone E and mid-spec Rift Zone 1 are both built using Shimano's all-new STEPS EP6 drive unit and a 504Wh internal battery. New for 2023, EP6 is designed to be affordable but still punch-packing. It's a little less high-tech than its high-flying sibling, STEPS EP8, but is still an absolute riot on the trails with plenty of power and a comfortable, easy-to-use control unit.

Most importantly, STEPS EP6 shares the same power output as the higher-spec version, at 85Nm. That means that despite the lower price, you'll still get almost exactly the same level of assistance up those epic climbs and a very similar experience. The base-spec Rift Zone E is fitted with a 504Wh battery which should be plenty big enough for most adventures. And, if you ever find yourself needing more capacity, the Marin Rift Zone E base-model can be upgraded to a larger 630Wh internal battery, adding an extra 25% of juice.

Both the Rift Zone E1 and Rift Zone E2 are supplied with the larger 630Wh internal batteries

Matt Jones riding the Marin Rift Zone E on dusty trail

All About Those Numbers

So what exactly is that 'less-is-more' Rift Zone philosophy?

Some bikes get the whole shooting match thrown at them. Deep travel, slack angles, long geometry, big wheels. The whole enchilada. Bigger (and longer, and slacker) is better.

And whilst that's right for some bikes, big, fast, gravity-focused bike park and race bikes for example, it's not right for everything and everyone. Less really can mean more for mountain bikes and eBikes.

You see, the biggest, burliest, fastest bikes often need big, burly, fast terrain to really come alive. And by lowering the travel a little and making that geometry just a little more down to earth you can make a bike feel absolutely awesome. You can make it super fast, super fun and super exciting without needing the roughest and rowdiest trails. After all, we can't always make it to those double black diamonds, right?

And so, we applied this philosophy to the Rift Zone E. We made a bike that had all the fun and freedom of an eMTB, but that was heaps of fun on almost any terrain and didn't need to be in the bike park of big mountains to get you hooting and hollering. It's easy to ride, quick to accelerate and can be tossed and turned, threaded and thrown without quite the same effort of a full-fat, big hitter.

But never fear, if you're more of a hard-charging, whole tamale kind of rider we've got your back with the longer-travel Marin Alpine Trail E.

Matt Jones riding the Marin Rift Zone E on dusty trail

Meet The Family

Time to meet the Rift Zone E family, which is made up of three models at three different specifications and prices. All awesome, all packed with Rift Love, all Made For Fun.

Marin Rift Zone E Base studio image

Marin Rift Zone E

One of the very best value eMTB’s around, the base model Marin Rift Zone E packs a crazy-powerful punch without busting the bank. RockShox and X-Fusion handle the suspension, Shimano Deore brings a tough, reliable 10-speed drivetrain and Shimano’s brand-new STEPS EP6 drive unit powers you up, along and down. A 504WH battery is supplied as standard, with the option to upgrade to a beefy 630WH for even more range.

Marin Rift Zone E1

Our mid-price, mid-tier Rifty E, the Marin Rift Zone E1 is beautifully balancing performance and value. RockShox handles the suspension, Shimano Deore brings a tough, reliable 11-speed drivetrain and Shimano’s brand-new STEPS EP6 drive unit powers you up, along and down. A 630WH battery is supplied as standard for maximum range and we’ve included CushCore tire inserts and Marin tubeless sealant straight out of the box.

Marin Rift Zone E1 in hills
Marin Rift Zone E2 in hills

Our top-spec, no-holds-barred Rifty, the Marin Rift Zone E2 packs a powerful punch but still keeps that price tag down to earth. We’ve hand-picked hard-charging Fox suspension, a top-performance Shimano STEPS EP8 drive unit, Shimano’s XT 11-speed drivetrain and a 630WH battery for maximum range. And we’ve included CushCore tire inserts and Marin tubeless sealant straight out of the box.

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