Module Guide

This Module Guide includes examples of each type of module available for the Marin 2020 site.


There are two kinds of Hero modules:

  • Hero / Standard
  • Hero / Side by Side

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The majority of site content should be built using the column layout options on this page. It's important to break the site into manageable chunks of content that a user can easily scan without having to do too much reading.

There are x kinds of Column modules:

  • Media Card / 2 Column
  • Media Card / 3 Column
  • Media Row / 50-50
  • Media Row / 66-33
  • Media Row / 42-58

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General Content

Johannes, please add some content about using general content modules here.

There are two kinds of General Content modules:

  • General Content
  • Image


Johannes, please add some content about using Intro modules here.

There is one kind of Intro module, however it comes in five variations.

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There are 3 kinds of Misc modules:

  • Reviews
  • Gallery
  • Bike Grid

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Static Templates

The static templates which the modular system is built off of can be found here.