Marin's Comfort & Recreational Bikes - What They're All About

What makes a Kentfield different from a Fairfax, and why a Stinson over a Dual Sport (or vice-versa), and just how cool is the Larkspur? Read on to learn about what makes each of the collections under our comfort and recreational umbrella sing.

Couple riding Marin Kentfield hybrid bikes, UK.

Marin’s families of comfort and recreational pavement bikes have been a key part of our lineup since our first hybrid model debuted over 30 years ago. Back in ’91, it was all of two bikes, the Stinson and Sausalito, and both were essentially hardtail mountain bikes with larger diameter 700c wheels and some flowery copy – “Catch a hybrid (if you can) and find out what all the fuss is about!”

1991 Marin Stinson catalog image, profile.

Not only has our collection of comfort and recreational bikes greatly expanded over the preceding decades, but Marin now offers a far more diverse lineup with bikes that should appeal to almost every rider. Here’s an overview of what they are and what they are all about.

Woman aboard a Marin Kentfield ST, riding past a beach mural, Sebastopol, CA.


Our models are most faithful to the original concept of a hybrid bike, a hybrid of a road bike and a mountain bike. Hybrids like the Kentfield have faster-rolling, 700c diameter wheels with tires on the narrower end of the spectrum but with a riding position and drivetrain closer to what is found on mountain bikes. The hybrid offerings at most brands got a bit blended in with pure comfort bikes years ago, but the Kentfields are more of a return to the original spirit of this style of bike. Retro-modern, lightweight, and ready for the path, bike lane, or mixed surfaces.

Two models are available, with either traditional or step-thru frames.


The Fairfax line is our collection of fitness-focused bikes. Rated as Best Hybrid by for multiple years running, they’re a bit lighter, more efficient, and sprightlier than the others featured. Also known as flat-bar road bikes, Fairfax models skew more towards the pavement end of the spectrum and put performance at the forefront: fast and fun. Great for riders with the need for speed.

Three models are available, with the Fairfax 2 and Fairfax 1 also available with step-thru frames.

How does a Fairfax with a boost sound? Chek out the related Fairfax E models.

Man and woman riding Marin Fairfax bikes, on a road in the Welsh countryside.
Couple riding Marin Dual Sport Bikes, Novato, CA.

Dual Sport

The San Rafael and step-thru San Anselmo constitute our Dual Sport range. These models are inspired by the do-most-anything motorcycles that share the moniker and are a bit more dirt-oriented than the Kentfield and Fairfax models. What exactly makes them “dirt-worthy?” Firstly, the suspension forks provide 63mm (≈2.5”) of travel for comfort and control when the roads or trails get rougher. The larger volume 40mm wide tires also incorporate a multi-surface tread pattern that rolls efficiently on pavement yet provides proper traction when on dirt. Dual Sport models are still lightweight and have a frame geometry that puts the rider in an upright riding position.

Two San Rafael and two San Anselmo models are available.


The only “adventure mixte” we know of, the Larkspur has all the looks of a vintage step-thru bike but imbued with a healthy dose of classic all-terrain bicycle style. Wide ATB tires, 1x drivetrains, and hydraulic disc brakes grace the full Series 2 CrMo frame, while the step-thru nature makes it super easy to hop on and off when popping into the local café or trailhead.

Two models are available.

Man riding a Marin Larkspur 2 on a trail, Occidental, CA.
Woman on a Marin Stinson comfort bike, Stinson Beach, CA


Marin’s most comfort-oriented platform, the Stinson bikes are updated takes on the classic cruiser bike. Lightweight aluminum frames with plush saddles, ergonomic handlebars, and an upright riding position accompany smooth-shifting, wide-range 1x drivetrains, and disc brakes that provide controlled braking on all surfaces. Best of all, the frame geometry makes it easier for riders to put their feet down when stopped.

Two models are available, with either traditional or step-thru frames.

Want to go a little further, or faster without breaking a sweat? The Stinson E may just be the bike for you.