Nikki Whiles

  • Name: Nikki Whiles
  • Age: 36
  • Follow Nikki Whiles:
  • Location: South Wales, UK
  • Riding with Marin since: 2016

Meet Nikki

  • Who is Nikki Whiles? I'm Nikki Whiles. Full time trail builder, part time rider. Get on two wheels as much as I can and try to enjoy life to its fullest.
  • Must have MTB accessory for a ride? Got to be a multi tool
  • What would be your desert island luxury item? Phone
  • What size Marin bike frame do you ride? Large
  • What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever been given? If in doubt, flat out!
  • How did you get sponsored/get into the Marin family? Always loved riding my bike and I guess good things have happened because of that.
  • Favorite place to ride? Whistler
  • Favourite event you've been part of? Whistler Crankworx
  • What inspires you to ride? Watching other people ride. Whether that's in real life or on the internet, watching other people send gets me hyped!
  • What's your go to food & beverage after you ride? 2 slices of toast and a cup of tea
  • Which emojis best describe your riding 👍😀🤙



JUNE 16-18 - UK






The Rift Zone is our most speed oriented MultiTrac bike, created for the rider looking for the speed and roll over capabilities of 29” wheels in a trail capable package.


The Headlands takes what we have learned with the alloy Gestalt X line, and brings the spirit to an all-new, full carbon fiber frameset. Modern geometry, generous tire clearance, and sublime ride quality, all combine to make an incredibly capable, lightweight bike that’ll exceed your expectations.