The Marin Alpine Trail is our big-hitting, big-wheeling, hard charger. It’s built for the roughest and rowdiest around. Whether you’re a park rat, enduro racer snake or just love to send it with the big dogs, the Alpine Trail is the perfect beast for the job.


Marin Alpine Trail XR AXS rear triangle detail.


MultiTrac 2 LT debuts on the aluminum-framed Alpine Trail alloy models. MultiTrac 2 LT shifts from seatstay pivots to chainstay pivots, ensuring that the suspension performance matches our design goals, which are not achievable using pivots located on the seatstay once travel exceeds 150mm. With MultiTrac 2 LT, the benefits of relocating the rear pivot points from the seatstay to the chainstay become apparent, as it reduces anti-rise, allowing for better chassis control while braking, more mid-stroke support, and better feel at bottom out.

Marin Alpine Trail chainstay flip chip detail.


With the integrated flip chips, adjustable headset and an aftermarket 29” rear wheel, Alpine Trail aluminum riders can select 12 unique configurations to run their bikes. These configurations allow the best fine-tuning of chassis to trail conditions available. Flip chips are easy to reconfigure trailside and easily done using a 6mm hex wrench, require no additional parts, and incorporate laser-etched graphics that indicate the position of the chips. The stock 27.5” rear wheel can be swapped out for a 29” rear wheel (not included) if desired, along with changing the position of the seatstay flip chips. Furthermore, the flip chips located at the seatstay pivots alter the bottom bracket height and chainstay length (low BB/long CS setting = 345/442mm, high BB/short CS setting = 352/435mm) so that riders can perfectly dial their bike in to match the terrain they are looking to conquer.

Marin Alpine Trail Bear Box downtube storage.

Bear Box Downtube Storage

The all-new Alpine Trail aluminum models now feature our Bear Box integrated downtube storage, complete with a custom nylon bag with a weather-sealed zipper. The hatch door is secure and double-sealed, with bottle bosses. Keep your riding essentials safe and protected from the elements during your big ride.

Marin Alpine Trail XR AXS headtube detail.


Using our proprietary headset cups and inserts, the headtube angle on Alpine Trail aluminum models can be adjusted to +0.75° or -0.75° from the standard 63° position, giving the rider three options.

Marin Alpine Trail protection details.


Chainstay and seatstays are protected with durable rubber guards that minimize noise and protect paint finishes, and integrated downtube guards helps deflect errant rocks, logs, or anything else riders may encounter on the trail.

Additionally, all aluminum frame models include a gasket around the cable exit hole reduces noise and prevents the brake hose and derailleur cable from marring the frame, and a mudflap positioned over the lower suspension pivot keeps spray and muck off the bearings. Cable ports are of an all-new design and keep the frame innards sealed. These ports use rubber membranes punctured during initial assembly and seal around the housing or hose once inserted. They will be available as a service part for when riders make changes to their components.

Rider's Choice

The all-new Alpine Trail series is our boldest and most capable line of enduro bikes ever, built upon our most advanced, most adjustable frames to date