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Alonso Zayas-Bazan

  • Name: Alonso Zayas-Bazan
  • Follow Alonso Zayas-Bazan:
  • Location: Costa Rica

  • Who is Alonso? I'm Alonso Zayas-Bazán, AKA cuku.gravel, born and raised Costa Rican. I'm a music producer and performer who fell in love with gravel cycling a few years ago. I'm founder of a gravel initiative called Gravel Tropic, where we have had the privilege and pleasure of using Marin bikes to fulfill our adventures.
  • Must have MTB accessory for a ride? GPS, front and back lights, frame or handlebar bag.
  • What would be your desert island luxury item? Tailfin's carbon aeropack.
  • What size Marin bike frame do you ride? 54 or Medium
  • What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever been given? 1. Preventive maintenance is better than corrective maintenance. 2. Learn how to correctly shift gears. 3. Always unclip both feet at a red light.
  • How did you get sponsored/get into the Marin family? Our local Marin dealer contacted us and offered favourable and fun terms to become a Marin Gravel Ambassador.
  • Favourite place to ride? Cartago, Costa Rica (beautiful Gravel, beautiful scenery, best weather).
  • Favourite event you've been part of? Costa Rica's team Marin and Pericos bike tour of Chespiritos-Quepos.
  • what inspires you to ride? Reducing stress, staying healthy, finding new places, good company, and the beautiful bike.
  • what's your go to food & beverage after you ride? Coconut water, pasta and beer.
  • Which emojis best describe your riding 🎧🚴‍♂️🏝