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Henry Ruskin

  • Name: Henry Ruskin
  • Age: 13
  • Follow Henry Ruskin:
  • Location: UK

  • Who is Henry Ruskin? He is Henry Ruskin, 10 years old (11 in Feb) He started riding at 51/2 and by 6 he was clearing 20ft gap jumps. Fast forward to now and he’s hitting 50 footers, road gaps and knocking out his favourite tricks on his DJ and DH bike.
  • Must have MTB accessory for a ride? Must have accessory would be me, dad, to fix, find, film, drive and pay his way through riding. Otherwise, a shock pump to make on the fly adjustments depending on what he’s riding.
  • What would be your desert island luxury item? Desert island luxury item would be his bike! Failing that, his Nintendo switch.
  • What size Marin bike frame do you ride? Youth Rift Zone Jr 24.
  • What’s the best piece of riding advice you’ve ever been given? Attack life, its going to kill you anyway (Steve McQueen) he says that to himself when he’s looking at something huge he’s about to hit.
  • How did you get sponsored/get into the Marin Family? Ive been a sponsored rider since I was 6. I liked the Marin bikes I saw and love the Alcatraz but it was a little big for me. I was lucky enough for Marin to agree to sponsoring me last year. I think it's mainly because I just love riding. I don’t really compete, I just love being out on bike, playing around and not taking it too seriously.
  • Favourite place to ride? The 417 Bike park is 80% of my riding. The pump track there is where I learned my core skills, cornering, pumping, jumping so I love it there, it's also home which helps! Abroad it has to be Morzine. There's lots of challenging stuff there. I go to Woburn and Chicksands a lot for dirt jumping but anywhere that’s super fun and challenges me really.
  • Favourite event you've been part of? Definitely the Red Bull Dirt Jam at the 417 bike park. It was such an amazing day with sick riders to watch, music playing and a field full of people riding bikes and laughing.
  • What inspires you to ride? Matt Jones! Ive been watching him on YouTube for years. Iv'e met him a few times and ridden a bit with him. I'm hoping to ride with him again this year. I love Sam Pilgrim, Fabio Wimber is insane and Sam Reynolds inspires me to do the huge stuff.
  • What's your go to food & beverage after you ride? Flap jack and water!
  • Which emojis best describe your riding 👍🏻🤟🏻😂 Go for it, send it, laugh.