We took everything we know from our award-winning Rift Zone and made Rifty Love electric. Further, faster and even more fun. MTB with a boost.

The Rift Zone E takes our less-is-more trail bike ethos and creates a confidence-boosting, motor-assisted platform that’ll suit any terrain.

A perfectly optimized 140mm of travel means snappy handling, heaps of agile and responsive feel and a bike that’s easy to manhandle. Shimano STEPS takes care of the power, creating effortless, all-day fun with tough and reliable tech and batteries big enough for epic adventures.

Just enough trail-taming squish to be mountains of fun, without turning your favorite gnar butter-smooth.


Rift Zone E1 toptube detail.


Rift Zone E models are built upon our Series 4 aluminum frames, with detailed forgings, highly manipulated tubes, and full internal cable routing, giving the rider the highest-end alloy frame that Marin offers, compatible with modern coil or air shocks.

Rift Zone E1 suspension detail.


The Alpine Trail E features the same great, proven MultiTrac suspension technology, but optimized for the Shimano STEPS system, with 140mm of suspension for the best on-trail experience.

Shimano STEPs drive unit detail.


Shimano’s STEPS system is both powerful and lightweight, with the mid-drive motor down low to help ensure that the Rift Zone E performs like the analog version, but with a 250W boost. Three levels of power give riders options to balance electric power, speed and range. Electric assist up to 20mph in the US, 25km/h in Europe.

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