A kid's first Marin, the Coast Trail family of bikes are designed with young riders in mind. All models feature freewheels and handbrakes, making it easier for them to transition to larger bikes as they grow. Smooth tread tires roll efficiently, while strong linear pull brakes stop on the proverbial dime. Most importantly, the bikes are FUN!


Coast Trail 24 frame detail.


Coast Trail models are all built upon lightweight Series 1 aluminum frames and aluminum forks. This ensures that your young rider won't be held back by a heavy bike, as a lighter bike is easier to control and balance. The weight savings goes beyond the frame, and we ensured that every component spec'd offers the best balance of weight to durability.

Coast Trail 24 controls detail.


Kids are smaller all over, so our designers took that into consideration when designing the Coast Trails. Handlebars and grips are of smaller diameter than found on adult bikes, brake levers are specifically designed for smaller hands, and even the pedals and saddles are proportionally smaller. This helps kids maintain comfort and control while they are still developing their skills as riders.

Coast Trail 2.0" tire detail.


Smooth-rolling Marin x Vee Tire 2.0" wide tires are used on all Coast Trail models, with inverted tread to provide additional grip when needed.