The Marin Gestalt X is our hard-charging, rough-and-rowdy take on what gravel and adventure bikes can do. Break off the fire road, down the singletrack and charge further and faster than ever before. All while keeping the versatility, challenge and fun of a bike with drop handlebars.

Gestalt X models are built with a longer-than-the-usual wheelbase, slack-like-your-mountain-bike head angle, low-slung frame, wide bars, short stem, big and chunky tires with room for up to 50mm on 700c or 54mm with a 650b wheelset.

Is it a gravel bike? Is it a drop bar mountain bike? Is it a bikepacking bike? Yes to all of the above! Who cares about definitions and pigeonholes? All you need to know is that the XR stands for eXtra Rad!


Gestalt XR frame detail.


New braze-in cable/hose routing is seek and clean and rattle-free.