10 Reasons To Chose An Ebike For Commuting

Commuting by bike can be an amazing way to fit more cycling into your daily routine.

But how about adding a battery and motor and using an ebike to really open up your options?

Ebikes (AKA electric bikes) have an image in some circles as being just for older riders, or people with health conditions. But that's not how much of the world views them, and it's not how we see them here at Marin. We love them and we love ebike commuting.

Read on for why we, the Marin Team, think you should consider an ebike for your cycle commute.

person riding ebike on busy street

If your cycle commute is long

Daily commuting by bike can be a great way to build fitness - up to a point.

The distance most people are willing to cycle to work varies, but everyone has a cutoff. With an ebike commute, that cutoff point is extended, and you may find yourself cycling a lot further than you thought you ever could.

Thanks to modern battery capacities, the range of most ebikes is over can be well over 20 miles. Batteries are removable for recharging, and a charge point is just a standard plug socket.

If you've got somewhere to plug in at work, even super-long electric bike commutes become possible.

person riding ebike on busy street uphill with ocean in background

If your commute is hilly

For many people, it's the hills that keep them off the bike and in the SUV. The idea of arriving at work or home exhausted isn't particularly appealing to most people, right? A commuter ebike can help.

A hilly commute can make things much harder and slower. It will reduce your average speed and need much more energy to get you where you need to go. Once a week might be fine, but those hills really add up if you're tackling them every day of the week.

Ebikes can double the power of your legs, giving a helping hand up the hills and getting you to work faster and fresher.

Ebikes also let you adjust the amount of 'pedal assistance' that they provide. Choose less assistance if you want a workout, choose more if you just want to get from A-to-B.

Wondering "how do ebikes work?", you'll love the Marin Guide To Ebikes and Emountain bikes.

woman riding ebike on road in denim jacket

If you want to ride in regular clothes

Cycling can be a sweaty business, and not everyone has showers or changing facilities at their workplace. An ebike for commuting can be a great way to ensure you arrive at work ready to roll.

It’s much easier to ride an ebike in everyday clothes without getting your smart office gear soaked and stinky. If you're wearing extra layers or waterproofs, an ebike can help you adjust your effort and stay at a comfortable temperature.

On an ebike, your level of exertion can be somewhere between walking and cycling on a regular bike, and using different levels of assistance means it's much easier to even out your effort. This means less sweating in summer, and you can layer up in winter and stay warm, without getting too hot.

We've written our complete guide to accessories for commuting by bike in the winter here, if you need some tips.

man riding uphill in residential area with blue skies
marin ebike

If you need to haul some gear

Cycling into work can be tough once you add in a laptop, your work gear, your tools or your packed lunch. Ebikes can really boost your carrying capacity, making it easier to haul those essentials.

Marin’s urban ebikes are designed to carry luggage as well, with rack mounts and fender fixings, meaning you can stash your stuff safely, take it with you, and arrive comfortable.

And, if your gear is particularly heavy, an ebike will give you a helping hand in hauling it to where it needs to go. Any mobile bicycle mechanics out there?..

man and child riding ebike off road

If you need to drop off the kids

A lot of commuting trips aren’t just to the office and back, but also involve a stop-off at the kindergarten or school.

Carrying an extra passenger is easier with an ebike, and you might find yourself multi-tasking in ways you never thought possible. An ebike will make the added load lighter and make hauling the kids much easier and more fun for everyone.

The same goes for shopping, after work activities or anything else you’d usually do as an add-on to your cycle commute.

You can read the Marin guide to daily cycling with young kids here.

man riding ebike on road with ocean in background

If you want to save money

An ebike might be an up-front investment, but as forms of personal transportation go, it's one of the most economical options out there. The battery on an ebike is tiny compared to other electric vehicles and costs dimes to top up.

It's even said that an electric bike can cost one hundred and sixty times less to charge than an electric car. That's pretty impressive!

The range of an ebike varies depending on a number of things, such as the battery size, the level of assist you use, and how hilly your route is, but for a short electric bike commute of five miles or less, you could get a whole week's riding out of one charge.

If you do the sums and add up the cost of your usual commute by car or public transport with a new ebike commute, you might be surprised.

Woman riding Marin Sausalito down a hill in city

If you want to save the planet

Because they combine electric power with human, ebikes are super efficient.

They will last for years with regular servicing, and at the end of their life their electronic components can be recycled into new ones.

Our commitment to sustainability isn't just talk: in the US, Marin has signed up to an industry-wide battery recycling programme 'Call2Recycle', while in Europe our bikes are covered by the Sustainable Batteries Directive.

You can read more about The Green Bear Initiative, our commitment to sustainability, right here.

marin sausalito studio image

Marin Sausalito - The Multi-Surface Explorer

The Marin Sausalito is built for tracks and trails, gravel and asphalt. With comfy and large volume tyres, a powerful Shimano STEPS motor and options for step-through and 'standard' frames it's a versatile, super fun and style way to go from A to B and beyond.

Marin Stinson E studio image

Marin Stinson E - Comfortable and Boosty

We've taken our much-loved Stinson and given it a boost, to make the step-through. The Stinson E is perfect for those daily trips - to school, to work, to the shops, wherever and whenever. There's a smooth and powerful 250W step-through and options for step-through and 'standard' frames making it an ideal daily-driver.

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