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The Ultimate Kid's Bikes - Marin Coast Trail

What's the Secret Recipe For the Ultimate Kid's Bike? Introducing the Marin Bikes Coast Trail With The Answer.

Image showing child riding Marin Coast Trail Kids Bikes with overlayed text "Marin Coast Trail Kids Bikes - the ultimate kids bikes?"

Introducing the Marin Bikes Coast Trail Family

There's no feeling in the world that can beat seeing your favorite little people progress from wobbling around the park to bossing the bike path.

When kids learn to ride it can be the start of a passion that lasts a lifetime. So what's the recipe for a perfect kids’ bike?

We reckon we've cracked it with the new Marin Bikes Coast Trail range of kids bikes.

Marin Coast Trail Kids Bikes - yellow and blue

Right Size, Right Time

If you want kids to enjoy biking riding, getting them a bike that fits well is key.

Too small and they'll be cramped and uncomfortable. Too big and they'll be stretched out, struggle to get on and off, and lack control.

To make getting the right size bike super easy, we've built the Marin Coast Trail range around wheel size. Smaller wheels are easier to spin up to speed and let us make a bike with plenty of standover height for little legs.

The Marin Coast Trail range has three different wheel sizes. When you see a number after a model name, that refers to its wheel size in inches.

As a guideline, we’d recommend the following wheel sizes:

16" wheels for kids 3'1" to 3'11" (94-120 cm) tall.
20" for kids 3'5" to 4'7" (107-140 cm) tall.
24" wheels for kids 3’9" to 5’1” (110-155 cm) tall.

Kid riding Marin Coast Trail in a park

Little people love light bikes

Lots of kids’ bikes are heavy - either deliberately overbuilt to take lots of rough treatment, or made as cheaply as possible with low-quality parts.

Heavier bikes are more difficult to balance and younger kids also get tired quicker when riding them. While lots of us grew up with them, we've found that kids tend to get the hang of riding much quicker when they get a lighter bike.

As a bonus, a lighter bike is much nicer for mum or dad to haul around too. So we've used light alloy frames and forks for all of the Marin Coast Trail range, as well as quality components to create a bike that gets the essentials right.

Brake levers and cockpit on Marin Coast Trail Kids Bike

Keep it simple

There's already a lot to think about when you're learning to ride, so we've deliberately kept the Marin Coast Trail range as simple as possible.

Some kids’ bikes come laden with redundant accessories but we've focused on getting the details perfect. That means frames with low standover heights, lightweight maintenance-free rigid forks, and custom contact points like grips and pedals that are perfectly matched to little hands and feet.

We've used linear-pull rim brakes with short-reach levers across the range, as they're straightforward to look after, while being easy to use and plenty powerful enough for first rides.

Younger children tend to stay seated when riding, so for a comfortable ride, we've added higher volume tires than kids’ bikes usually come with. 2-inch Vee Rubber tires with a low profile tread pattern will let them stay in control over the bumps and can cope with a bit of light off-road, but won't drag on longer rides.

Looking for some help with taking your little ripper out on the trails? You can read our complete guide to taking your kid mountain biking right here.

kid riding Marin Coast Trail Kids Bike

Skip the Stabilizers

Stabilizers or training wheels used to come as standard on kid's bikes, but they can be more of a hindrance than a help. If kids don't learn the crucial skill of balancing the bike before pedaling, they'll take much longer to get the hang of riding.

They can also cause nasty crashes when kids overbalance and tip the bike over. So we've designed the Marin Coast Trail to be ridden independently, right from day one.

By combining all this into one package, we've made a range of bikes that’ll not only get them rolling, but are durable enough to be passed on to more budding riders.

Many kids’ bikes are designed to be throwaway toys, but these will be making their riders smile for years to come.

Marin Coast Trail Kids Bike 16" black and red

Marin Coast Trail 16”

The Marin Coast Trail 16” is designed to start young ones off on their journey into proper pedal bikes. A light, stable frame with lots of standover, simple single-speed gearing and reliable brakes with levers for tiny paws provide them with everything they’ll need to get rolling. It comes in four cool colors and has a built-in chain guard to protect prying fingers.

Marin Coast Trail 20” 1

Sometimes, one gear is all you need and the Marin Coast Trail 20" 1 is the answer. For cruising the park, the bike path or the school run, the single-speed model of the Coast Trail is perfect. Quality spoked wheels, fast-rolling tires and a water bottle mount mean that they’ll start to tackle longer rides with ease.

Marin Coast Trail Kids Bike 20" 1 yellow and blue
Marin Coast Trail 20" 7

Marin Coast Trail 20” 7

If you cycle in a hilly area, you’ll probably agree that gears are one of the best inventions ever. The Marin Coast Trail 20” 7 has - you can probably guess - 7 of them, with a reliable Microshift drivetrain. A low 1:1 bottom gear will put more adventurous terrain on the menu, and unlike some bikes with awkward twist-grip gearing, there’s a proper trigger shifter, just like an adult’s bike - but sized for small hands.

Marin Coast Trail 24”

A bike capable of taking on some proper adventures, the Marin Coast Trail 24” has ultra reliable 8-speed Shimano gearing with a short-reach Microshift trigger shifter. The bar height can be changed by rearranging stem spacers, letting you get plenty of use out of it - before it goes to its next owner.

Marin Coast Trail 24"

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