Mark Matthews

  • Name: Mark Matthews
  • Age: 32
  • Follow Mark Matthews:
  • Location: Victoria, BC, Canada

Meet Mark

  • Racing Discipline: Adventure, Freeride, Dirt Jump
  • Nicknames? Markymath, Sharky
  • Which Marin bikes are in your quiver? Attack Trail and Hawk Hill.
  • Why biking? It’s a fun escape from the daily madness of life! I live for the moments where you’re so focused on what you’re doing that there’s no thinking, just reacting. Riding is my passion and as I’ve progressed, it’s help me grow as a person and break through comfort zones. I want to inspire others to get out there, explore, and do the same.
  • What’s your first biking memory? Ripping around steep hills in my neighborhood when I was a kid.
  • What’s your favorite trail? The ones I build, there’s no more rewarding feeling than cleaning a top to bottom run of something you created.
  • What’s your favorite post ride meal? My go to meal is salmon and veggies, but it’s less about the food and more about the vibes. There’s nothing like a post-ride BBQ with friends in the summer.
  • What’s your ideal day off? I don’t like days off, I can’t sit still haha. When I need a break from riding I’m usually off on a hike exploring somewhere new, snowboarding, or attempting to surf.
  • What are your other passions? Trail building, snowboarding, surfing, hiking, camping, fishing, and photography. Basically, anything that fits that Canadian west coast lifestyle I love.

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