Matt Jones

  • Name: Matt Jones
  • Age: 26
  • Follow Matt Jones:
  • Location: Woburn, UK

Meet Matt Jones

  • Riding Discipline Slopestyle MTB
  • Nicknames: MJ.. but Matt is easy enough to remember for most people...
  • What got you into this bike riding thing? There were some jumps near to my house growing up, that my parents found out about, and there was crazy enough to take me and my brother there on weekends and we were hooked INSTANTLY.
  • What Marin Bikes do you ride? Alcatraz, San Quentin, Alpine Trail, and Mount Vision.
  • What are you passionate about personally? Riding immaculate trails, BBQ Chicken & V8 engines.
  • How long have you been riding? 12 years



The Alcatraz allows the rider to follow in Matt Jones’ footsteps to build and personalize the best dirt jump bike possible. At home boosting your local 6 pack, ripping up the pump track, or hitting the local skate park the Alcatraz has what you need to take care of business.
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